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  • MIPI input – 4 lanes, each up to 1.5Gbps
  • Half-WUXGA (0.5 x 1920 x 1200 pixels) frame buffer
  • Dual MIPI output – 2 x DSI with 2 individual clock lanes, sharing 4 lanes, each up to 1.5Gbps.
  • Support both video and command MIPI input and split into 1 or 2 MIPI DSI video output
  • Support compressed MIPI input as well as compressed MIPI output, allowing reduced bandwidth requirement at both MIPIRX and MIPITX links of SSD2858K1. 2 types of compression are supported.
  • SSL segment-based (4 pixels per segment) data compression/decompression with zero software overhead
  • Qualcomm line-based compression and decompression
  • Support rotation of up to 1280×800 resolution with SSL Compression
  • Support rotation of up to 960×600 resolution without image compression
  • Bi-cubic image scaler supporting fractional scaling
  • Support independent bi-directional data transfer (forward link in High Speed and Low Power mode and reverse link in Low Power mode) for each DSI
  • Support Ultra low power mode in idle state for all DSI engines
  • On-chip PLL with variable output frequency which will allow lower video refresh rate for oxide-TFT panel
  • Support MIPI (Video+Command) mode
  • All MIPI packets re-transmission is done automatically once initial setup is performed
  • Reduce power consumption and decrease EMI by using low amplitude signal over differential pair for serial data.
  • Built-in high efficiency charge pump to generate 3.0V for VDDRAM
  • Power supply: (VCORE and AVDD*) 1.2V +/-5%
  • IO Power supply: (VDDIO and VCI*) 1.8 +/-5%
  • Support MIPI standard DSI (v1.01.00), DCS (v1.02.00), D-PHY (v1.1)
  • Operating Temperature : -40 to 125 deg C

Ordering Information

Ordering Part No. SSD2858QL9
Package LQFP,128L (Tray)
Ordering Part No. SSD2858K1R
Package 84 WLCSP (Tape & Reel)
Ordering Part No. Package
SSD2858QL9 LQFP,128L (Tray)
SSD2858K1R 84 WLCSP (Tape & Reel)