Advance Information   800 x 480 RGB TFT LCD Driver Integrated Power Circuit, Gateless Driver   SSD2165B is a driver that integrates power circuits and a gateless driver into a single chip. It can drive up to 16.7M color a-TFT panel with a resolution of 800 x 480 RGB.   SSD2165B embeds DC-DC Converter and Voltage generator to provide all necessary voltage levels required by the driver with minimum external components. A Common Voltage Generation Circuit is included to drive the TFT-display counter electrode. The driver supports a separated RGB Gamma setting. An Integrated Gamma Control Circuit is also included that can be adjusted by software commands to provide maximum flexibility and optimal display quality. SSD2165B can be operated down to 1.6V and provide different power save modes. It is suitable for any portable battery-driven applications requiring long operation period with compact size. SSD2080 embeds a highly efficient DC-DC Converter and a Voltage Regulator to generate all necessary voltage levels to the TFT panel with minimum external components required.

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  • Gateless driver IC for 16.7M/262k TFT LCD
  • Power Supply:
    • VDDIO = 1.65V – 3.60V (power supply for I/O circuit)
    • VCI       = 2.30V – 3.60V (power supply for internal analog circuit)
    • LVDSVDD = 3.0V – 3.6V (power supply for LVDS)
    • PLLVDD = 1.8V (Internal power supply for PLL)
  • Power Output Voltages
    • VGH-GND = 11.5V ~ 21.5V(0.5V per step)
    • VGL-GND = -10.5V ~ -18V(0.5V per Step)
    • VGH-VGL < 32Vp-p
  • VCOMDC Drive:
    • VCOMDC from -0.2V ~ (AVDDM+0.1V) in 10mV step (9-bits)
  • Source Output
    • AVDD = 3.5V ~ 6.1V (step size=0.1V) (AVDD can be control by internal register)
    • AVDDM = -AVDD + external diode drop
  • System Interfaces
    • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), 3 wire (9bit), 4 wire and SPID 24 bit interface
    • SPI to external EEPROM, EPROM interface, SCK=DOTCLK/32
  • Video Interface
    • 24-bit RGB Interface (DEN, DOTCLK, HSYNC, VSYNC, RR[7:0], BB[7:0], GG[7:0])
    • 8-bit LVDS Interface
  • Internal Power Supply Circuit
    • Voltage Generator
    • DC-DC Converter
  • Support Source Scan Direction Control
  • Built-in Multi Time Programmable Memory (MTP) for VCOM calibration
  • Programmable RGB/BGR output sequence
  • Available in COG package

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