Advance Information
320 RGB x 240 TFT LCD Driver
Integrated Power Circuit, Source and Gate Driver and RAM


SSD2119AM1 is an all in one TFT LCD Driver that integrated the power circuits, gate driver and source driver into a single chip. It can drive up to 262k color amorphous TFT panel with resolution of 320RGB x 240.

It also integrated the controller function and consists of up to 172,800 bytes (320x240x 18/8) Graphic Display Data RAM (GDDRAM) such that it interfaced with common MCU through 8/9/16/18-bits 6800-series / 8080-series compatible Parallel Interface or Serial Interface and stored the data in the GDDRAM. Auxiliary 18-/6-bit video interface (VSYNC, HSYNC, DOTCLK, DEN) are integrated into SSD2119 for animation image display.

SSD2119AM1 embeds DC-DC Converter and Voltage generator to provide all necessary voltage required by the driver with minimum external components. A Common Voltage Generation Circuit is included to drive the TFT-display counter electrode. An Integrated Gamma Control Circuit is also included that can be adjusted by software commands to provide maximum flexibility and optimal display quality.

SSD2119AM1 can be operated down to 1.4V and provide different power save modes. It is suitable for any portable battery-driven applications requiring long operation period and compact size.

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  • 320RGBx240 single chip controller driver IC for 262k color amorphous TFT LCD
  • Power Supply 

– VDDIO = 1.4V – 3.6V (I/O Interface)

– VCI = 2.5V – 3.6V (power supply for internal analog circuit)

  • Output Voltages

    • Gate Driver:

– VGH-GND = 9V ~ 18V

– VGL-GND = -6V ~ -15V

– VGH-VGL = 30Vp-p max.

  • Source Driver:

– V0-V63 = 0 – 6V max.

  • VCOM Driver:

– VCOMH = 3.0V ~ 5.0V

– VCOML = -1.0V ~ -3.0V

– VCOMA = 6V max.

  • System Interface

– 8/9/16/18-bit 6800-series/ 8080-series Parallel Interface

– Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

  • Moving picture display interface

– 18-/6-bit RGB interface (DEN, DOTCLK, HSYNC, VSYNC, DB [17:0])

– VSYNC interface (system interface +VSYNC)

– WSYNC interface (system interface +WSYNC) 

  • Support low power consumption

– Low voltage supply

– Low current sleep mode

– 8-color display mode for power saving

– Charge sharing functions

  • High-speed RAM addressing functions

– RAM write synchronization function

– Window address function

– Vertical scrolling function

– Partial display function

  • Internal power supply circuit

– Voltage generator

– DC-DC converter up to 6x/-5x

  • Built-in internal oscillator
  • Internal GDDRAM capacity: 172800 Byte
  • Support Frame and Line inversion AC drive
  • TFT storage capacitance: Cs on common
  • Support source and gate scan direction control
  • Programmable gamma correction curve
  • 4 Preset gamma correction curve
  • Built-in Non Volatile Memory for VCOM calibration
  • Support flexible arrangement of gate circuits on both sides of the glass substrate

Ordering Information

Ordering Part No. SSD2119AM1ZE
Package Gold Bump Die
Pad Pitch / Outer Lead Pitch With CMP and no MTP; Thickness: 270± 15
Ordering Part No. Package Pad Pitch / Outer Lead Pitch
SSD2119AM1ZE Gold Bump Die With CMP and no MTP; Thickness: 270± 15