The SSD2201 is a RAM-less integrated display driver for 16.7M colors Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD panel with resolution up to 800RGB X 2560. The driver supports 2402 source output plus HV gate control signal for GIP design. It supports both single chip operation and dual chip operation in cascaded mode.

The SSD2201 is embedded with highly efficient DC-DC Converter and Voltage Regulator to generate all voltage levels necessary to the TFT panel with minimum external components required. The chip supports MIPI serial interface.

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  • Single Chip Mode: solution for HD display
  • 2402 Source channels supporting: 800RGB, 768RGB, 720RGB, 640RGB, 600RGB, 540RGB configurations
  • Display Modes
    – 16.77M colors (24bit data, R: 8bit, G: 8bit, B: 8bit)

– 262K colors (24bit data, R: 6bit, G: 6bit, B: 6bit)

– 65K colors (24bit data, R: 5bit, G: 6bit, B: 5bit)
– 8 colors (3bit data, R: 1bit, G: 1bit, B: 1bit)

  • Support 8N row resolutions of gate outputs in panel.
  • Support N-dot / Zig-Zag / Column inversion
  • Support separated Gamma curve for R, G, B color components


  • Support 2 to 4 lane MIPI, MIPI speed at 1Gb/s
  • MIPI DBI Type C (Option 1)
  • MIPI DSI (version 1.1) with D-PHY (version 1.0)
  • Compatible with non EOT packet transmission, D-PHY 0.85
  • Command set compliant with MIPI DCS Version 1.01.00


  • VDDIO = 1.65V – 3.30V (power supply for I/O circuit)
  • DDVDH = 4.5V – 6.0V
  • DDVDL =-4.5V – -6.0V
  • Source driving output voltage: ±6V
  • Positive: 3.5V ~ DDVDH-0.5V (20mV/step)
  • Negative: -3.5V ~ DDVDL+0.5V (20mV/step)
  • Low current sleep mode and 8-color display mode for power saving
  • Low power consumption for battery operated systems


  • Source scan direction control
  • Flexible GIP control
  • Programmable gamma correction curve
  • CABC Dynamics Backlighting control with PWM output
  • Color Enhancement
  • Frame Skipping
  • OTP for VCOM calibration and manufacturing ID
  • OTP memory to store initialization register settings
  • Synchronization pin for touch panel controller
  • GPIO pins for power chip control
  • MIPI pin swapping
  • Built in test mode pattern

Panel Support

  • Support a-Si, IGZO panels
  • Single Chip support 4″ to 7″ panels

Ordering Information

Ordering Part No. SSD2201Z
Source 2402
Gate HV gate control signal
Package Form Golden Pump Die
Remarks For IGZO panels
Ordering Part No. SSD2201AZ
Source 2402
Gate HV gate control signal
Package Form Golden Pump Die
Remarks For other TFT panels
Ordering Part No. Source Gate Package Form Remarks
SSD2201Z 2402 HV gate control signal Golden Pump Die For IGZO panels
SSD2201AZ 2402 HV gate control signal Golden Pump Die For other TFT panels