The SSD2131 is a single chip, RAM-less solution for LTPS TFT LCD that incorporates gate drivers, a timing controller with glass interface level shifters, a VCOM driver and a glass power supply circuit.  The SSD2131 supports MIPI interface. The source resolution support 1080RGB, and the gate resolution can also be set 1920 lines and 2160 lines.

The SSD2131 is also able to make gamma correction settings separately for RGB dots to allow benign adjustments to panel characteristics, resulting in higher display qualities. The IC includes internal boosters that generate the LCD driving voltage, breeder resistance and voltage follower circuit for the LCD driver. At deep standby mode, it also supports lower power consumption.

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  • 1080RGB x 1920 (16:9) (1:3 Multiplexer for source driver, Source output from S1 to S1080)
  • 1080RGB x 2160 (18:9) (1:3 Multiplexer for source driver, Source output from S1 to S1080)
  • Display Modes
    • 16.77M colors (24bit data, R: 8bit, G: 8bit, B: 8bit)
    • 262K colors (24bit data, R: 6bit, G: 6bit, B: 6bit)
    • 65K colors (24bit data, R: 5bit, G: 6bit, B: 5bit)
    • 8 colors (3bit data, R: 1bit, G: 1bit, B: 1bit)


  • MIPI DSI Interface
  • Support DPHY: V1.0
  • Support DSI: 1.02
  • Support DCS: 1.02
  • MIPI I/F Supported 2, 3 or 4 data lanes


  • Deep standby function
  • Individual gamma correction setting for RGB dots
  • DC/DC converter
  • VCOM voltage generator
  • Provide OTP (1 time) to store related Power, LTPS setting, and gamma setting
  • Provide MTP (4 times) to store ID1, ID2, ID3
  • Oscillator for display clock generation
  • Image enhancement technology
  • Content Adaptive Backlight Control (CABC) Function


  • I/O supply voltage range for VDDI to VSS: 1.7V to 3.6V
  • MIPI DSI supply voltage range for VDDAM to VSS: 1.7V to 3.6V
  • (VDDAM can connect to VDDI if its operation voltage is available)
  • Analog supply voltage range for AVDD to AVSS: 4.5V to 6V
  • Analog supply voltage range for AVEE to AVSS: -4.5V to -6V

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