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132 x 68 STN
LCD Segment/ Common Monochrome Driver with Controller



SSD1808B is a single-chip CMOS LCD driver with controller for dot-matrix graphic liquid crystal display system. SSD1808B consists of 200 high-voltage driving output pins for driving maximum 132 Segments, 68 Commons / 132 Segments, 64 Commons and 1 icon-driving Common / 132 Segments, 48 Commons and 1 icon-driving Common / 132 Segments, 32 Commons and 1 icon-driving Common.

SSD1808B can be switched among 32, 48, 64 or 68 display multiplex ratios by hardware pin selection. SSD1808B consists of 132 x 68 bits Graphic Display Data RAM (GDDRAM). Data/Commands are sent from common MCU through 8-bit 6800-series / 8080-series compatible Parallel Interface or 4-wires Serial Peripheral Interface by hardware pin selection.

SSD1808B embeds DC-DC Converter, On-Chip Oscillator and Bias Divider to reduce the number of external components. With the advance design, low power consumption, stable LCD operating voltage and flexible die package layout, SSD1808B is suitable for any portable battery-driven applications requiring long operation period with compact size.

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  • Power Supply (2options): 

[3V I/O application]VDD=VDDIO=2.4-3.6V


[5V I/O application]VDDIO=4.5-5.5V, VDD outputs 3V in this option

  • LCD Driving Output Voltage: VLCD = +12V
  • Low Current Sleep Mode
  • Pin Selectable 68/64+1/48+1/32+1 Multiplex Ratio and Programmable Bias Ratio Configuration:


Duty Ratio Applicable LCD bias Maximum display area
1/68 1/7 or 1/9 132 x 68
1/(64+1) 1/7 or 1/9 132 x 65
1/(48+1) 1/6 or 1/8 132 x 49
1/(32+1) 1/5 or 1/6 132 x 33


  • 8-bit 6800-series / 8080-series Parallel Interface, 4-wires Serial Peripheral Interface
  • On-Chip 132 x 68 x 1 = 8,976bits Graphic Display Data RAM
  • On-Chip Oscillator Circuit
  • On-Chip DC-DC Converter: [Internal booster capacitor mode]4X – 5X Or [External booster capacitor mode]2X – 4X (for panel size > 3”)
  • On-Chip voltage regulator and voltage follower
  • 64 Levels Internal Contrast Control
  • Programmable LCD Driving Voltage Temperature Compensation Coefficients
  • On-Chip Bias Divider with internal compensation capacitors (except V0)
  • Column Re-mapping and RAM Page Scan Direction Control
  • Vertical Scrolling by Common
  • Display Offset Control
  • Non- Volatile Memory (OTP) for calibration

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Ordering Part No. SSD1808BZ
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SSD1808BZ Gold Bump Die