132 x 64 Bistable Display Driver with Controller




SSD1603 is a single-chip CMOS bistable display driver with controller for dot-matrix type bistable display. It consists of high-voltage driving outputs for driving maximum 132 Segments x 64 Commons. Charge Pump, On-Chip Oscillator and Bias Divider are built in for minimal system area.

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  • Power supply

     – VDD = 2.4V to 3.5Vfor IC logic and analog

     – V0= 14.0V to 35.0Vfor Panel driving

     – VDDIO= 1.6V to VDDfor MCU interface

  • Resolution: 132 x 64 dot matrix panel
  • Extra 2 dummy segments and 2 dummy commons for dummy ITO area driving
  • On chip 132 x 64 bit graphic display RAM
  • Charge pump with 35V output
  • Circuit selectable charge pump multiplier ratio
  • On chip charge pump or external panel driving power supply selectable
  • Column remap and COM remap scan function
  • Vertical scroll by COM and RAM display offset
  • Partial COM display update
  • Programmable duration for each driving phase
  • Programmable MUX ratio
  • Programmable on chip bias, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, 1/9
  • 8-bit 80 parallel / 8-bit 68 parallel / 3 & 4-wire SPI support / I2C interface
  • Slim die design for COF / TCP

Ordering Information

Ordering Part No. SSD1603Z
Package Gold Bump Die
pakcageInformation Min SEG, COM pad pitch: 40µ
Min pad pitch: 40µm
Ordering Part No. Package pakcageInformation
SSD1603Z Gold Bump Die Min SEG, COM pad pitch: 40µ
Min pad pitch: 40µm