Product Preview

480 x 272RGB TFT LCD Driver

Integrated Power Circuit, Gate and Source Driver


SSD2128M1ZC is an all in one driver that integrated the power circuits, gate driver and source driver into single chip.  It can drive a 16.7M/262k a-TFT panel with resolution of 480 x 272 RGB.

SSD2128M1ZC embeds DC-DC Converter and Voltage generator to provide all necessary voltage required by the driver with minimum external components.  A Common Voltage Generation Circuit is included to drive the TFT-display counter electrode.  The driver supports three separated RGB Gamma settings. An Integrated Gamma Control Circuit is also included that can be adjusted by software commands to provide maximum flexibility and optimal display quality.

SSD2128M1ZC can be operated down to 2.5V (VCI) and provide different power save modes.  It is suitable for any portable battery-driven applications requiring long operation period with compact size.

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  • 480 x 272RGB single chip controller driver IC for 16.7M/ 262k amorphous TFT LCD
  • RGB color filter arrangement at Gate
  • Power Supply

– VDDIO = 1.6V – 3.3V (I/O Interface)

– VCI = 2.5V – 3.5V (power supply for internal analog circuit)

  • Output Voltages

    • Gate Driver:

– VGH-GND = 6V ~ 18V

– VGL-GND = -6V ~ -18V

– VGH-VGL = <32Vp-p

  • Source Driver:

– Source = AVDD ~ AVDDM

– Typical Source Output Voltage variation: ±30 mV

  • VCOM Driver:

– VCOMDC from = 0V ~ -2.55V

– VCOMDC in ~10mV resolution steps

  • System Interface

– Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), 3 wire (9bit), 4 wire (8bit). 3 wire (24bit) SPID interface

  • Video Interface

– 24-bit RGB interface (DEN, DOTCLK, HSYNC, VSYNC, RR[7:0], BB[7:0], GG[7:0])

– 8-bit serial RGB interface

  • Support low power consumption

Low voltage supply

– Low current sleep mode

– Charge sharing function for source

  • Internal power supply circuit

– Voltage generator

– DC-DC converter up to +18/-12 or +15/-15 (VGH – VGL < 32V)

– AVDD generator of 2x or 3x of VCI

  • Support separate RGB gamma control
  • Support dynamic backlight control
  • Support IPS Panel
  • Support DC-VCOM
  • Support dot / column inversion
  • Support Charge re-cycling at Source
  • TFT storage capacitance: Cs on common
  • Support source and gate scan direction control
  • Built-in 1k bits Non Volatile Memory
  • Command set programmable
  • VCOMDC and module ID programmable and erasable
  • SHUT active HIGH / LOW selectable

Ordering Information

Ordering Part No. SSD2128M1ZC
Package COG
Bump 15um
Reference With CMP
Die Tray 2" Die face down
Ordering Part No. Package Bump Reference Die Tray
SSD2128M1ZC COG 15um With CMP 2" Die face down