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Single Chip Capacitive Touch Panel Controller SSD2533

Accelerates Growth in Tablet Computer Market

Enabling 10 points multi-touch applications for 11 inch panel


(Hong Kong V 18 Jan, 2011) Solomon Systech today announced a new member SSD2533 to its Capacitive Touch Panel Controller Family. The new SSD2533 is an all-in-one Capacitive Touch Panel Controller that integrated power circuits, 23 driving and 41 sensing circuits into one single chip. Succeed to the SSD2521 and SSD2531 introduced earlier, SSD2533 supports larger display panel up to 11 inch, Full High Definition (Full HD) resolution, with true multi-touch function. It has a DSP-based architecture that supports more detection points up to 10 fingers and 2 palms simultaneous detection. SSD2533 also embeds one 16-bit MCU and internal ROM/RAM to support gesture reporting like zoom in/out and rotation. It provides four additional sensing button pins allowing more flexible product designs such as Android-based devices and Win-7 based devices. It also provides stronger noise immunity for both AC-VCOM and DC-VCOM TFT displays. With a highly compact and competitive design, SSD2533 enables touch panel in portable devices such as tablet computer, mini-notebook, digital photo frame, mobile internet devices ("MID") and personal navigation devices ("PND").

"With the proliferation of smartphones, tablet computers and gadgets, consumers have adapted to the capacitive touch technology," said Mr. W.M. Lo, Vice-President, Business Operations of Solomon Systech. "Traditionally, multiple chips are required to support middle size touch panel. The SSD2533 as a single chip solution with excellent cost-performance ratio promises huge potential growth in this consumer market."

Advantages of  SSD2533

True Multi-touch

   10 points absolute position
(Adaptive solution for tablet computer application)

Sophisticated Noise Control Algorithm

   No shielding layer required

Strong Noise Immunity

   To both AC-VCOM and DC-VCOM displays

Super High Touch Scanning Rate

   Max. 100Hz

Adaptive Touch Detection Scheme

   Mutual cap. sensing and faultless with water droplet

Low Power Standby Mode

   Support touch key wake up for low power operation

Easy to Use

   Built-in DSP and MCU for touch analysis, detection and gesture reporting

Excellent Cost-Performance Ratio

   Ideal for tablet computer, MID and consumer electronics market




The SSD2533 samples are now available. Please contact our local sales office listed on the Solomon Systech website at or email us at for more information.


SSD2533 has the capacity to detect maximum 10 fingers movement
and enable user to operate the system more than a click.
With the Multi-Touch feature, many more fascinating functions can be created.


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