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15 Nov 2007

Solomon Systech Sponsored WWF Ocean's 10 Campaign
Announced Public Votes for Their favourite "Ocean's 10" Species

Drew public attention to the dire situation faced by the local marine species

24 Oct 2007

New Generation 262K wQVGA Single Chip TFT LCD Driver SSD2220
- w
QVGA - the Hottest Mobile Display Resolution in 2008
- MTP, Separated RGB Gamma Correction and Charge Sharing - Unique Features Only Available in SSD2220 for High Performance Display

24 Oct 2007

Solomon Systech Launches New Bistable Display Driver with Flexible Driving Waveforms
World's first single chip integrated IC for different new display technologies

06 Sept 2007

Solomon Systech Announces FY2007 Interim Results
Sales Amounted to US$103M (HK$805M)
Net Profit at US$9.8M (HK$76.3M)
Building Growth with Diversified Product, Market and Customers

28 Aug 2007

Solomon Systech Launches 3.5" Display System Solution
A total system solution guarantees quick time-to-market with 50% reduction in end-product design cycle time


NEC Electronics and Solomon Systech Test Interoperability of LCD Driver ICs and Bridge ICs for the MIPI DSI Specification


Solomon Systech Sponsored WWF Ocean's 10 Campaign Awards Winners of Multi-media Creativity Competition
Winning Entries Highlight Urgency in Marine Life Protection


Solomon Systech Launches New Bistable Display Driver Controller
The world's first single chip integrated IC solution for Cholesteric Display


Solomon Systech Introduces the World's First MIPI Total Solution
to the Display Market
New SSD2218 TFT Driver Controller with Integrated MIPI Interface together with SSD2802 MIPI master bridge chip enable 4-wire signal connections, less EMI and higher reliability


Solomon Systech Announces FY2006 Annual Results
Sales Amounted to US$254M (HK$1,972M)
Net Profit Recorded US$22.4M (HK$174M)
Diversifying Product Offerings and Broadening Customer Base


Delivering Premium Image Quality with QQVGA Color OLED Driver from Solomon Systech


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